Our team

Our team

Katerina Ianovskaia

Work #: 905-569-3389
Email: katya@coswickcanada.ca

Andrii Luzin

Director of IT and Sales Departments
Work #: 905-569-3389
Email: andrii@coswickcanada.ca

Ilja Kasinskis

Work #: 905-569-3389
Email: accountant@coswickcanada.ca

Tymur Cherniakhivskyi

Manitoba, Quebec and Ottawa Regional Sales Manager
Work #: 647-270-7806
Email: tymur@coswickcanada.ca

Mary Cher

Office Director
Work #: 647-913-8273
Email: mary@coswickcanada.ca

Roman Nikitin

Technical Installation Supervisor
Work #: 9055693389
Email: roman@coswickcanada.ca

Valeriy Kim

Seattle Region Sales Manager
Work #: 647-701-0958
Email: valeriy@coswickcanada.ca

Luis Llamas

Regional Sales Manager
Work #: 5555555555
Email: luis@novagp.ca

Yulia Tsoi

Regional Sales Manager
Work #: 6472374887
Email: yulia@novagp.ca

Ken Depoe

Manitoba Regional Sales Manager
Work #: 2042970044
Email: ken@novagp.ca

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